What Is WeTransfer?

What Is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is an internet-based file transfer service. It was founded in 2009 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It offers a secure, easy, and free way to send and receive files. It has a huge user base and is very popular among students and businesses. It also allows users to send and receive videos and music.

File sharing platform

WeTransfer is a free file-sharing service that allows users to send and receive files between each other. It sends these files via email and sends the recipient a confirmation email. It offers free applications for Chrome, iOS, Android, and Mac. These applications allow users to share files, as well as create and manage shared folders.

You can use WeTransfer for free to share files up to two GB. However, you will need to pay a monthly fee to send files larger than this size. This free service is popular in the communication and advertising sectors. However, if you plan on transferring larger files, you can consider paying a one-time fee of $10/month for a “WeTransfer Plus” plan. This plan offers 100 GB of storage in a custom cloud, 200 GB of file storage, and password-protected files.

WeTransfer is a cloud-based file sharing service. It is ideal for sharing large files because of its simplicity and flexibility. It allows users to share up to 2GB of files with each other for free. You can also share up to 20GB files, so it is an excellent choice for large files.

One of the major benefits of WeTransfer is that the files you send can be accessed indefinitely. However, users should be aware that they will not be able to retrieve deleted files from the WeTransfer server. WeTransfer also keeps a record of all transfers, so you can always see if the recipients have downloaded the files you sent them. In addition, you can check whether or not they forwarded the link.


WeTransfer is a service that allows you to send files to another computer. Before you can send a file, you need the email address of the person to whom you’d like to send it. It’s important to note that only people who have the WeTransfer email address can see your file. If you’re sending sensitive data, you should consider using a cloud hosting provider that adheres to HIPAA compliance.

Although WeTransfer is secure, it’s not perfect. It doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption, so you’re not completely protected. However, the free service is fast and easy to use. This makes it a great option for sending files. However, it’s important to remember that free and secure file transfer services don’t come without drawbacks.

WeTransfer’s staff is responsive and helpful. If you have a question, you can access their online knowledge base or contact the customer service team. The support team is not available on the main site, but can be reached via their Zendesk website. Unfortunately, WeTransfer does not have phone support. Additionally, it’s not HIPAA compliant, which may make it unsuitable for sending sensitive documents.

WeTransfer has two-factor authentication for free accounts, and password protection is available in the paid version. It also has a “good behavior” policy, meaning that it expects you to behave properly when using the service. This includes avoiding illegal activities, sending phishing materials, and sharing child pornography. Those who use WeTransfer should also refrain from sharing information that is false, which is illegal.

Easy to use

Sending large files is easy with WeTransfer. You can send up to 200 GB at a time. That’s the equivalent of 2000 videos of your cat. To get started, visit the WeTransfer website. Select the “Add your files” link. You can then enter a recipient’s email address. Once you’ve selected the recipient, you can choose whether to send the files via email or direct link. You can also preview and delete files from your mobile device.

WeTransfer’s free service lets you send up to 2 GB of files without paying any money. Many companies use the service, especially in the advertising and communication industries. To get more features, you can upgrade to WeTransfer Plus for $10 a month. WeTransfer Plus gives you 100 GB of custom cloud storage, secure file transfers up to 20 GB, and password encryption.

One of the advantages of WeTransfer is that it’s secure and easy to use. You can use the service on your desktop or mobile device. It allows you to send unlimited files, including photos, website links, and study documents. To use WeTransfer, you need to create an account and add your recipient’s email to your contacts.

Other benefits of WeTransfer include its ability to send 2 GB files. This is perfect for those whose files are too large to send via email. Users can also delete or rename files, preview them, and share the link. The free version of the service allows up to 2 GB of files, access to WeTransfer Paste, and create three slide decks. WeTransfer also offers a Pro plan for $12 per month per user. This plan also allows you to use password protection and customize the sharing page.


WeTransfer is a website that allows you to send files and data. All you need to do is enter the name and email address of the person who you would like to send the file to. You can then choose the method to use when sending the files. Once the transfer has completed, the recipients will appear in your contacts list.

If you want to transfer large files, WeTransfer is an excellent choice. It is free and enables you to send files of any size to multiple people at once. Its user interface is simple and straightforward, and it allows you to transfer almost any file to anyone in the world. In order to use WeTransfer, you must first sign up for a free account. You can create as many accounts as you like, allowing you to transfer as many files as you want.


WeTransfer is an online payment service that lets you send and receive files in a variety of ways. There are several different types of plans, each offering different levels of service. Some of these plans are free, while others require a monthly subscription. The cost of WeTransfer will vary depending on your needs and your budget.


There are a variety of alternative services for sharing files online. WeTransfer is a popular choice, but not the only one. Dropbox is another good alternative that allows for free file sharing and storage. Users can sign up with their Google account, and the service offers several security features. Users can share files through email, which avoids the risk of third-party access. Users can also set limits on who can view, edit, and comment on their files.

You can use one of the many free services, or you can sign up for a premium account and get more features. You can even get a password-protected account. Many of these services will send a confirmation email when the file is sent or downloaded. You can also store as much data as you like, although free accounts only allow for 14 days of storage. You can, however, opt for a premium account and store up to 2 TB of data.

Alternatives to WeTransfer vary in terms of file capacity, editing capabilities, and security. Some of the most popular services have a lot to offer. For example, pCloud offers many capabilities, including large file sharing without a need to register. It also allows users to edit files with others and work offline. Smash is another great option for large file sharing.

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