Inventory Management Software For QuickBooks

Inventory Management Software For QuickBooks

You’ll want to select an inventory management software for QuickBooks that can help you organize and control your business’ inventory. Luckily, there are a variety of solutions available. Here we’ll talk about the features of some of the best-known ones. In addition to inventory management, these programs can help you with warehousing, EDI, barcoding, mobile computing, purchasing, CRM, picking & shipping, and decision support tools. They are designed to fit the needs of eCommerce, wholesale, and light manufacturing businesses.


If you have a business that uses QuickBooks for its inventory management, Fishbowl inventory management software can help you manage your inventory efficiently. Fishbowl makes it easy to manage your entire sales process, including customer setup, customer invoices, Cost of Goods Sold, and inventory. You can also automatically enter customer invoices and inventory records into QuickBooks using Fishbowl. The software also helps you manage backorders and other inventory issues.

The downsides of Fishbowl inventory management software for quickbooks include limited customization options, and limited reporting options, which make it difficult to use without extensive programming experience. It also lacks many useful features, such as a shipping feature that allows you to change packing lists manually to reflect accurate carton counts. But if you don’t mind the occasional bug, you can find some great features in this program.

If you’re running a small business and need inventory management functionality, Fishbowl is the best solution for you. It integrates with QuickBooks and eliminates double data entry, which cuts down on the chances of errors. It also keeps inventory and accounting records on the same page. For that reason, it’s no wonder that Fishbowl is the most popular inventory management software for quickbooks users.

Fishbowl inventory management software for quickbooks is the ideal choice for small and mid-sized businesses. Despite the fact that the full version may be pricey, Fishbowl’s pricing is reasonable, making it an affordable choice for small and mid-sized businesses. Its integrated Quickbooks functionality is another advantage.


Vend inventory management software for Quickbooks integrates with QuickBooks Online to track orders and inventory. It also sends notifications when it’s time to reorder stock. It allows you to map discounts to different items. It also supports multiple order sources, such as Quickbooks Commerce. You can use a drop-down menu to map different types of products to different accounts.

Vend is compatible with QuickBooks desktop and online editions. It integrates accounting, sales, and inventory information to provide a holistic picture. It automatically updates with new information from any channel, so you get the latest updates on your business. It also has a variety of integrations with other popular apps, which helps you make better business decisions.

Vend is available in three subscription plans to meet the needs of different sized businesses. There’s a free trial version as well. You can also choose a monthly or annual billing option. If you need more functionality, you can opt for dedicated inventory management software. Vend also integrates with popular online shopping carts, including Shopify and BigCommerce.

Vend inventory management software for quickbooks has numerous features. You can import orders from Vend stores, online sales channels, and offline sales channels. In addition, you can easily configure the software to download and sync orders. It also provides shipment tracking information, which is important if you want to keep track of your orders and inventory.

Connect makes it easy to connect Vend with QuickBooks Online. With this integration, users can log into Vend and access their inventory from their mobile devices. Changes to inventory will be updated on both the desktop and mobile device. It takes just a few seconds to connect. Using Vend’s online interface, you can manage your inventory, reward your customers, and get real-time reports.

In addition to connecting with QuickBooks Online, Vend inventory management software for quickbooks has features for managing customer information and employee payroll. It’s even possible to set up your tax rates with the Vend app. You can also use it to track payment discrepancies.


Acctivate is an inventory management and manufacturing add-on for QuickBooks that is flexible and customizable for your needs. It provides visibility into inventory, sales, margins, and availability, and allows you to configure multiple warehouses for multiple products. It also allows you to track custom fields, serial numbers, and assembly-to-order kits, making it easy to manage your business’s inventory.

Acctivate supports unlimited product categories and supports inventory management with a full set of accounting features. It also offers tools to manage pricing decisions. Users can choose to set prices based on a specific dollar value, discount from the list, or markup from cost. You can also set tiers for customers, and assign different pricing to different groups of customers. The software is flexible enough to support different valuation methods, such as cost-plus, and allows you to set up temporary pricing during sales or other promotional events.

Acctivate is available in different price plans, with the basic version starting at $799. Additional add-ons are available to increase functionality. A lifetime license of Acctivate includes 1 user and free support for the first year. There is no free version of Acctivate, however, so you should be able to try it out for free before buying it.

Acctivate supports Process Manufacturing and offers a complete solution for managing inventory in the food, beverage, and medical industries. It also offers features to manage waste, spoilage, and expiration dates, and a flexible warehouse organization. The software also provides support for multiple warehouses and offers real-time visibility of inventory.


The Katana inventory management software for QuickBooks allows you to track your manufacturing orders and inventory from floor to floor. This inventory management software allows you to assign priority levels to manufacturing orders and track their progress. It also lets you view floor-level operations such as manufacturing time, material use, and cost.

The Katana inventory management software for QuickBooks has a wide range of features to support various types of business. The software integrates with QuickBooks to automatically create invoices and vendor bills. For example, when you are viewing a Sales Order in Katana, you can select ‘Create invoice’. QuickBooks will then create a matching Customer Invoice. Once you have matched an invoice to a Sales Order, the status of that Sales Order in Katana will change to ‘Invoiced’. Similarly, if you delete an Invoice in QuickBooks, you will see it as un-invoiced in Katana.

QuickBooks and Katana have a robust integration, making it easy to transfer data from one system to another. The Katana system can automatically generate invoices based on sales orders and purchase orders. With QuickBooks, you can also import data from e-commerce platforms and marketplaces. This allows your accounting team to focus on preparing for tax season while your shop floor operators can focus on providing quality products to your customers.

The Katana inventory management software for quickbooks is an excellent choice for companies that want to integrate their accounting and manufacturing processes. With a comprehensive list of features, it will help your business stay organized. The software allows you to manage orders, raw materials, sales, and stock. In addition, it is integrated with QuickBooks Online, making it a good choice for companies that want to move from a desktop solution to an online solution without losing any of their data.

QuickBooks is great for financial and accounting needs, but it has its own limitations. Manufacturing companies need more than basic inventory management. It is crucial to track raw materials, costs, and product recipes. QuickBooks does not support the conversion between raw materials and finished products, which is why Katana is a better option.

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