Dennis Dockery Arrested

Dennis Dockery Arrested

Dennis Dockery was arrested on multiple child molestation charges. He was also found to have stolen about $5,000 from the state. He was also found to have a loaded handgun in his waistband. All these facts lead to his arrest. He was taken to the jail in Sevier County. Read on to find out more about Dockery and his arrest.

Dennis Dockery was arrested for multiple counts of child molestation

Dennis Dockery was arrested for multiple counts of sexual assault on a child while he was serving in the U.S. Army and a state prison guard in Connecticut. He lied to the court and state government to continue collecting his pay even as he was serving time for child molestation. According to a state investigation, the former soldier cheated the government out of $5,182 while he was incarcerated.

Dockery was arrested in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, on Wednesday. Authorities were able to arrest him after finding a loaded firearm in his waistband. He is currently being held at the Sevier County Jail awaiting extradition to Georgia to face his charges.

In his court appearance, Dockery argued that there was insufficient evidence to support the charges. The evidence included a testimony from the victim who testified that Dockery had given her a blue notebook filled with sexually explicit stories. The notebook was later found by officers searching the Dockery home.

The trial judge determined that the evidence presented against Dockery was sufficient to convict him of all charges. Dockery appealed the conviction.

He was convicted of stealing about $5,000 from the state

Dennis Dockery was convicted of stealing more than $5,000 from the state in April 2018. The scam was so sophisticated that it took years to bust, but officials caught it thanks to a tip from an informant. The state’s Department of Corrections was notified and started an investigation into Dockery.

Marshal Jolley praised the efforts of the Smoky Mountains Fugitive Task Force and the state’s participating law enforcement agencies for making sure that Dockery was captured. A loaded handgun was found in his waistband, which prompted authorities to take him into custody. Dockery was taken to jail in Sevier County.

Dockery was in the military at the time of the crime. The state pays its employees a portion of their salary while they are on active duty. However, the state also requires them to submit their military orders to their employers so they can confirm that they are entitled to wages. When Dockery submitted his orders, he crossed out “assigned to” and wrote “incarcerated.” Because of this, he received about $5,182 in a state salary.

Another example of a state official stealing public funds is Brenda Edwards, a Hamden state employee. Edwards was arrested for first-degree larceny in 2010 but later pleaded guilty to third-degree larceny. Her pension was revoked as a result.

He was found with a firearm in his waistband

Upon his arrest, Dennis Dockery was taken to the Sevier County jail. He will likely be extradited to Georgia to face charges in that state. This arrest is significant because it shatters a years-long cover-up involving a child molester. The DOC praised agencies that comprise the Smoky Mountains Fugitive Task Force for their work.

The arrest came after an extensive investigation by the U.S. Marshals’ Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force and the Sevier County Sheriff’s Department. The investigation revealed that Dockery may have molested children since 2002. He was originally placed on an ankle monitor to determine his whereabouts, but he allegedly tampered with it. It was later discovered that Dockery had a loaded firearm in his waistband.

The prosecution presented testimony from several people, including Dennis Hines’ neighbor Jeff Mitchell, whose testimony was relevant to the murder charge before the jury. According to testimony of Jeff Mitchell, the appellant was a friend of Tia Mitchell. He apologized to her after she died. The grand jury heard testimony from three witnesses, including a woman who claimed to know Hines. This testimony provided additional evidence to support the prosecution’s case.

He was on active duty

Dennis Dockery was on active duty when he was arrested for sexual assault in Hamden, Connecticut in April 2010. Although he was on active duty, he was convicted of assault by battery and second-degree strangulation. He pleaded guilty to all of these charges and was dismissed from the military. However, he never notified the Department of Correction of his arrest. He was fired from his job on May 27 and was sentenced to 17 months in prison.

Dockery was released on bond and ordered to wear an ankle monitor but later tampered with it, leading to his arrest. He was arrested by a team of Tennessee investigators and the U.S. Marshals’ Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force, which is based in Atlanta. They spent the day interviewing people and checking several locations before locating Dockery. When they arrested him, they learned that Dockery had a loaded gun in his waistband. He was arrested without incident, but the officer’s quick reaction enabled him to make an arrest. He was taken to the Sevier County Jail pending extradition to Georgia.

Dennis Dockery is a former Army reservist and Connecticut state corrections officer. He is charged with first-degree larceny by defrauding the public, two counts of second-degree forgery, and a felony of forgery. These charges were a result of the fact that Dockery forged documents to defraud the state out of nearly $5,000 in pay. He is now serving a five-year suspended prison term and is on probation.

He was on active duty when he was arrested in Pigeon Forge

Dennis Dockery was on active duty when a police officer arrested him in Pigeon Forge for sexual assault. The woman claimed that Dockery engaged in rough sex and pulled her hair while using derogatory language. However, the police report did not mention that Dockery was on active duty. The state dropped the charges against Dockery after the Army took control of the case. It was also revealed that his employer was not aware of the incident.

Dennis Dewayne Dockery was arrested in Pigeon Forge on Wednesday afternoon. Police say he had a history of child molestation and a monitoring device. He was originally arrested in August 2021 in Walker County, Georgia. The police believe that Dockery has abused multiple victims since 2002. According to police, they also found a loaded firearm in his waistband.

When the officer arrested Dockery, he was wearing an ankle monitor. He then fled to East Tennessee. The Smoky Mountains Fugitive Task Force and other law enforcement agencies worked together to track Dockery. The team spent a majority of Wednesday checking locations and interviewing people before catching him. Dockery had a loaded gun in his waistband when he was arrested, but there was no need to worry because the officer’s quick reaction made it possible for him to be arrested. He was taken to the Sevier County jail, where he will wait for extradition to Georgia.

Dockery was a former state corrections officer and a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserve. He was arrested and convicted for first-degree larceny and two counts of second-degree forgery. He served 17 months in Fort Leavenworth prison for his crimes. Dockery was also convicted of sexual assault against a woman while on active duty.

He tampered with his ankle monitor

After being released on bond, Dennis Dockery was required to wear an ankle monitor. However, he tampered with it, and fled. Tennessee authorities worked with the Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force in Atlanta to track him down. They spent all day Wednesday interviewing witnesses and checking locations before finding Dockery. While searching for him, the officers discovered that Dockery was carrying a loaded gun in his waistband. Fortunately, an officer’s quick reaction allowed him to arrest Dockery without incident. He was taken to the Sevier County jail and is awaiting extradition to Georgia.

After he was arrested, the U.S. Army charged Dockery with rape by force and assault on an adult. He later pleaded guilty to assault by battery, adultery, and violation of a lawful general regulation. His conviction led to his dismissal from the military. He also faced two counts of second-degree forgery. The chief state’s office began investigating him in May.

The ankle monitor that Dockery was required to wear was allegedly tampered with by the suspect. This was a major concern for authorities and local law enforcement. Since Dockery may have abused children for years, the monitoring device was a key piece of evidence that could help investigators catch him.

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