Blaze Pizza - Is Blaze Pizza Healthy?

Blaze Pizza – Is Blaze Pizza Healthy?


There are many questions you may be asking yourself when considering eating at a Blaze Pizza restaurant. If you have a food allergy, it is important to know that the preparation of your meal will take place on shared surfaces and equipment. In order to avoid cross contamination, inform the staff when placing your order so that they can use separate utensils. Alternatively, you can request a separate plate and cutlery if you have severe allergies.

Red vine pizza

A red vine pizza is a great option for people who want a healthy pizza without sacrificing flavor. These pizzas are much lower in fat and sodium than other types of pizza, and have been recommended by dietitians. A slice of red vine pizza has just 110 calories, 3.5g of fat (1.5g of saturated fat), 15g of carbohydrate, and 5g of protein. It also has only 200mg of sodium, making it one of the healthier options available.

Veg Out

If you’re a veggie who loves pizza, you’re in luck because Blaze has introduced a vegetarian-friendly version of its Veg Out pizza. This delicious alternative to meat-topped pizza has 124 calories per serving. Made from low-moisture whole milk mozzarella cheese, this dish also includes fresh seasonal vegetables, onion, and savory mushrooms. This pizza is also gluten-free and comes with a vegan cheese option.

Blaze offers several vegan-friendly options, including vegan meat options and vegetable toppings. They’ve also added a vegan chorizo option, which is the only one available nationwide. In addition to the Veg Out pizza, you can also order a vegan-friendly version of a Classic Dough pizza with Mushrooms, Red Onions, and Roasted Butternut Squash. However, Blaze’s most popular option is its create-your-own-pizza option.

Another popular option is the Blaze Pizza Fresh Berry Salad. Made with mixed baby greens, blueberries, feta, and lemon balsamic vinaigrette, this salad is a tasty side dish or entree option for people who are trying to eat healthy. Blaze Pizza also offers a special Take Two special which includes a salad and half an 11-inch pizza.

Blaze Pizza also offers a low-carb version of its pizzas. This option is available in the form of keto crust, which has 2 grams of net carbs per slice. Customers should choose low-carb toppings when ordering a keto pizza to minimize their carb intake. The restaurant also offers a low-fat version of its original pizza, made with a traditional dough, red sauce, and veggie toppings.

Green Stripe

The Green Stripe at Blaze Pizza is a great option for those looking to make their pizza healthier. This pizza has grilled chicken, chopped garlic, red peppers and arugula. Instead of using white or red sauce, this keto-friendly pizza uses pesto drizzle on top. The pizza is made with keto-friendly crust and a low-fat mozzarella.

Blaze Pizza offers many options to help people who want to eat healthy but still have a delicious meal. It offers a variety of healthy pizza options, including a Veg Out pizza, a Green Stripe pizza, a Protein Pizza and a Fresh Berry Salad. Customers can also customize their pizza, which is an excellent option for those trying to stay on a diet.

Blaze Pizza also offers a wide variety of special diet options. There is a gluten-free crust, a high-rising crust, and a keto crust. The restaurant also offers vegan and vegetarian options, as well as vegan spicy chorizo. Customers can also order a keto pizza with a low-carb crust.

Protein Pizza

Whether you’re watching your calories or you’re looking for a way to get a lot of protein, Blaze Pizza has a variety of pizzas with nutritious options. The pizzas come in small sizes ranging from 11 to 16 inches, and feature ingredients such as roasted broccoli, mushrooms, and a blend of mozzarella and gorgonzola cheeses. Compared to regular pizzas, these pizzas also contain lower amounts of fat and carbs.

The pizza crust is keto friendly, and contains only 14 grams of net carbs per 11-inch slice. There are many topping options available, including vegan and vegetarian options. This pizza is also gluten-free, which is nice for those who are watching their carbs. You can even add extra vegetables or other meat to the pizza, such as bacon or mushroom.

In addition to its protein-rich pizzas, Blaze Pizza also offers a keto-friendly menu. You can use their nutritional calculator to figure out how much each ingredient contributes to your overall diet. For example, a pizza with cauliflower rice and low moisture mozzarella cheese contains just a few grams of carbohydrates. Other ingredients include whey and casein protein.

Blaze Pizza offers gluten-free and high-rise crust options to accommodate certain eating patterns. Moreover, its vegan spicy chorizo and vegetarian cheese toppings are both vegan-friendly and low-carb. There’s a special menu for vegans and vegetarians as well, and each of its signature pizzas can be customized to your diet.

Veg Out salad

The Veg Out salad on Blaze pizza is a vegetarian option for pizza lovers. The restaurant offers a unique twist on a classic pizza, thanks to Executive Chef Brad Kent’s idea. Besides the traditional chicken and cheese toppings, this pizza has an array of fresh vegetables, including mushrooms and zucchini. The crust is made from 24-hour fermented dough. Ingredients include mozzarella, aged buttery Gorgonzola, and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Veg Out salads are available on the Blaze pizza menu both as an entree and a side. Available year-round, the salads contain about 330 calories, a modest amount of fat and sodium, and are available in two varieties: the Buffalo blue salad and the Veg Out salad.

Blaze Pizza also offers a variety of salads, including a vegan beet salad. Vegan cheese is also available, as is vegan chorizo. Toppings for the salads vary, so be sure to ask about the ingredients and the dressing. You should also be careful not to order a salad that contains non-vegan ingredients.

Blaze Pizza is great for people who are watching their weight. It’s packed with protein and is low in carbs. It also has a healthy amount of fiber. Veg Out salad on Blaze Pizza is low in fat, but is packed with vegetables. For an appetizer, you can order a small salad, half an 11-inch pizza and a small salad.

BBQ chicken pizza

The popular fast-fired pizza chain Blaze Pizza is known for its flavorful and nutritious made-to-order menu. They have pledged to make all their food free of artificial flavors and colors, and offer many nutritious options on their menu. They also offer full meals for under $20, and have a customizable online nutrition calculator.

The restaurant’s interior is modern and industrial-inspired, with individual themes. For example, their Laguna Niguel location has giant letters that say, “Make Waves.” The menu is clear and easy to read. Customers can order a signature pizza or a build-your-own pizza. The signature pizza costs $7.95, and the build-your-own pizza is $7.95.

The menu offers vegetarian and meat-topped pizzas. Customers can also choose a keto-friendly crust. The cauliflower crust is an excellent option, with only 14 grams of carbs per 11-inch pizza. But for those who are following a low-carb diet, it’s not the healthiest option.

The restaurant offers a variety of gluten-free and low-carb options. Their BBQ chicken pizza is gluten-free, and they also offer cauliflower crust. Their keto-friendly crust contains no wheat flour, and they offer vegan cheese and chorizo. Whether you’re a Keto-friendly diet or not, Blaze Pizza is an excellent choice for a delicious, healthy pizza.

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