A World of Warcraft Relic Weapon Guide

A World of Warcraft Relic Weapon Guide


If you are looking for a relic weapon guide, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find information on Anima relic weapons, Zenith relic weapons, Resistance relic weapons, and G’jusana relic weapons. In addition, you’ll learn how to customise your relics so that they have the exact stats you want.

Anima relic weapons

You can customize your Anima relic weapons to suit your preferred class. These weapons also have built-in light shows. You can earn these items by completing three dungeons: Sohm Al, The Great Gubal Library, and the Lost City of Amdapor.

To unlock an Anima relic weapon, you need to be ilevel 210. There are three questions that must be answered in order to get the relic. Once you answer all of them correctly, you can equip the weapon. It is also essential to remember that you cannot use the Anima relic weapon in your Glamour Dresser.

Ardashir is the first of the Anima relic weapons. It can be obtained in the cutscenes that happen after each dungeon. It can be upgraded at Azys Lla and has a distinctive glow effect. Ardashir is best equipped by players with item levels above 200. You can also get Allagan Tomestones from beast-tribe vendors. If you are not in the mood to spend money on it, you can trade it for Ardashir.

In order to get the second Anima relic weapon, you must complete the Azys Lla quest and Ardashir. You will also need the Astral and Umbral Nodules. In addition to these two items, you will need six elemental crystals that are dropped by the Fates in the Heavensward zones. If you have a party of four, this quest is not that hard to complete.

When you get an Anima relic weapon, you can reallocate the stats. This is done by spending Crystal Sand and Umbrite. Then, you can sell it to Ardashir for Crystal Sand. Afterwards, you will be able to use it to enhance the weapon.

Resistance relic weapons

Resistant weapons can be custom made for different characters. These weapons were first introduced in the A Realm Reborn expansion. Afterwards, the Relic weapons were added to the game. Players were able to customize their Relic Weapons to have better stats. You can customize your weapon to have four different stats, or you can create a combination of four stats to have one with the maximum stats.

To make the first Resistance Relic weapon, you need to purchase Thavnairian Scalepowder from Auriana in Mor Dhona. The material costs 250 Tomestones of Poetics each. Luckily, most parties will be able to complete this quest in a single sitting.

The next Resistance Relic Weapon quests will be added in future patches, but for now, you will only be able to find the Save the Queen quest-chain. To unlock the next stages of relics, you will have to spend a significant amount of time during the expansion update cycle. Fortunately, there are relic armor and tool guides available to help you complete the quests and unlock them.

The Shadowbringers Relic Weapons section will feature content written by Cordelia Faye, who wrote the guide for Bozjan relics and other relic items. To get to this section, you will need to complete the Return to Ivalice quest line, which begins in Kugane. The queue times for these quests are faster than for the early quests.

Once you’ve collected enough materials to build your relic, you can upgrade it and earn 240 stats. The relic is one of the best ways to increase your stats, so it’s important to level up your weapon. The relic is accompanied by lore related to the job of the user.

G’jusana relic weapons

If you are interested in creating an awesome Relic Weapon, G’jusana is a great place to start. In addition to crafting your Relic Weapon, you can also find several books that you can purchase. Each of these books contains different tasks you can complete with your Relic Weapon. The books are located in your Key Items inventory and can be purchased for 100 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics each. There are nine Books in total, with each book listing 19 different tasks that you can do to complete the objectives.

The first step is to purchase a book from G’jusana. After you have purchased the book, you can travel to Mor Dhona. Once there, talk to Jalzahn to learn about the requirements for enhancing your Relic Weapon. The Zodiac Braves were a revered group of heroes from the Thavnairian mythology, and their stories are recorded in nine sacred texts.

The second step is to visit Gerolt in Mor Dhona. There, you can obtain the Animus, Atma, and Celestial Radiance side-quests. You can also visit Jalzahn near the furnace, who gives Atma, Animus, and Celestial Radiance side-tasks.

The next step is to obtain the Animus Relic Weapon. This requires you to go to the Hyrstmill in North Shroud and talk to the goblin Mutamix. He will introduce you to the Hubairtin, who is trying to get the power from the materia.

Once you have acquired the relic weapon, you can use it to craft a new weapon. To do this, you will need to level it up. To get the relic, you must be level 90 or higher. You will need 500 Manderium Meteorites.

Zenith relic weapons

Obtaining a Zenith Relic Weapon is a major part of completing the game’s main questline. It requires completion of class and job quests and access to the Amdapor Keep dungeon. This guide outlines the steps required to obtain the weapon.

The first step in acquiring a Zenith Relic Weapon is to find the Thavnairian Mists. These can be bought from Auriana in Revenant’s Toll. Then, you’ll need to travel to the North Shroud Furnace and merge the mists with the base weapon. You’ll need two of these mists for a Curtana, and one for a Holy Shield. Once you have obtained all of these, you can level up your weapon and equip it with the Zenith Relic.

Once you’ve acquired these relic weapons, you can begin the quest to obtain the final stage: the Zodiac Weapon. You’ll need to have completed the main quest and the Final Quest, and have completed all the job quests. Once you’ve done this, you can head to Gerolt and Rowena in Revenant’s Toll. You’ll then be able to use the template.

Obtaining the first Zodiac Relic Weapon is easy if you have a party of eight characters. You’ll need two tanks to be in front of the Hydra, and you should stack close to her to avoid AoE attacks. You can also complete an unfinished relic weapon using Hyperfused ore and White Ember.

After completing the Main Quest, you can upgrade your job or class to earn relic weapons. To obtain a Zenith Relic Weapon, you must be level 50 in both classes. It takes about an hour or two to obtain a Zenith Relic Weapon.

Thavnairian Scalepowder

Thavnairian Scalepwder is the first Resistance Weapon found in Gangos. Obtaining this relic weapon is part of a lengthy interconnected questline that stretches from the Bozjan Southern Front zone to the Zadnor zone. To obtain this relic weapon, you need to gather 1,000 Tomestones of Poetics.

The first step in crafting the Thavnairian Scalepwder is to obtain the Poetics, which is required for this item. Poetics are the easiest Tomestones to obtain. They can be found by playing with first-time players in select dungeons. You can also find Poetics in level 50, 60, and 70 dungeons.

After acquiring the Thavnairian Scalepwder, you can proceed to the next step in crafting a Resistance Weapon. You can buy it from Auriana in Mor Dhona for 250 Tomestones of Poetics. You can also get the Thavnairian ScalePowder from the Resistance is Not Futile questline.

As with any other relic weapon, acquiring this one is not difficult. In fact, this weapon is more accessible than its predecessors. They are more story-based and faster to obtain. However, they require certain prerequisites to obtain. To get started, you must first complete the Return to Ivalice quest line.

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